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Bridging the gap between pleasure and therapy.


These products have been designed to bridge the gap between PLEASURE and THERAPY. The quality of these products reflects the quality of our intention – to raise the vibe of our communities.


We believe that all beings on this planet are sacred and interdependently connected – and so, if we can improve the quality of YOUR life, then the effect may ripple and improve the quality of ALL life.

It’s all about the mushies!


Each serving of these amazing cacao blends contains a therapeutic dose of the featured MEDICINAL MUSHROOM EXTRACT alongside a selection of integral TONIC HERBS that support the actions of the mushroom.

We do not use sweeteners to achieve the pleasurable flavours but rather utilize other amazing plants that aid in the flavour AND nutritional value of the blend. Mesquite is one of our favourites (a low GI, caramel tasting legume, that has over 12 properties of nutritional value).